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    being drunk or having ur perception altered in any way is pretty scary considering we r on a rock in a sea of darkness revolving around a ball of fire and when we close our eyes because we need to power up for 8 hours we enter a soup of experience that doesnt actually happen and no one knows how or why just being honest follow for more pale existential dread

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    supernatural on tumblr part 1/?

    part 2

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    • Nintendo: *releases Wind Waker*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: I want a cool realistic Zelda game! Wind Waker was too cartoony!
    • Nintendo: *releases Twilight Princess*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: NO! Too dark! It looks awful!! Bring back Wind Waker style!
    • Nintendo: *releases more Toon Link style games*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: No! Twilight Princess was awesome! We like THAT! The next Zelda better be like TP. Oh but not too much!
    • Nintendo: *releases Skyward Sword*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: Ick! Too cartoony! We want a realistic Zelda! If you like Skyward Sword AT ALL you're not a real Zelda fan!
    • Nintenso: *announces realistic LoZ×Dynasty Warriors spinoff*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: NO! NO! NONONONONO!!!!111! 112! YOU RUINED ZELDA FOREVER
    • Nintendo: *announces Zelda U*
    • Zelda fandom elitists: WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!!?!
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    who is she?

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    Art dump part 4

    okay story time

    so my art teacher assigned us to do a chalk pastel still life of fruits n shit and I was like “no”

    so I drew a banana instead.

    and my teacher came by like “you need to have more than one fruit in your still life”

    so I was like “k”

    and so I put that cherry on top of the banana and titled it “Banana Split Without The Ice Cream Because Life Is Full Of Disappointments: By Fall Out Boy" and I turned that shit in.

    My art teacher just started laughing out loud in the middle of class

    this is my new favorite thing

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    Apple of love

    now the whole thing’s going to get all yellow look what you did

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