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  • Anonymous asked : im a fuckin zelda loser.


    hi matty


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  • b4tekt:

    Dragons in (half)Human form

    Bewilderbest, Cloudjumper, Toothless

    Toothless too hard to draw him as human…orz


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  • Anonymous asked : describe your dream guy


    Tall, dark, handsome, well read.  2500 attack points and 2100 defense points. 


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  • "Why does no one appreciate my brilliance?"
    anyone posting their lame ass jokes at 4 am
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  • so has anyone else noticed…



    that nine and twelve from zankyou no terror


    share the same voice actors as Team Karasuno’s nine and twelve in Haikyuu?!



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  • I need your help on my stupid quest.

    So guys… i need to know every canonical version of Link for a thing i’m doing. I just need to literally know every appearance he has every made, excluding fan made games and art. Anything from spin-offs to cameos, just tell me. Message me if anything comes to mind.

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  • sheikofthesheikah:

    Beneath this stone the body rest
    Of Hyrules Golden Hero
    Buried aside the Kings and Queens
    Sworn to follow and protect them from this world into the next.

    “Record and play, after years of endless rewind; Yesterday wasn’t half as tough this time.”

    oh my goooood those flowers came you fucking fantastic holy shit.

    ruhrhfedasas this gives me so many emotions.

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